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Home and Neighborhood Safety

Everyone wants the best for their safety especially when it comes to their own home. A home is place where you should always feel safe ...
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Truck Driver Self Defense Safety Kit-product Review

Truckers lead a difficult life. It is sometimes a dangerous one as well. They are mostly independent businessmen and women travelling long distances under heavy ...
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The 40 Million Volt Stun Pen Is One of The Best Stun Guns for Sale on the Market

Have you ever used a stun gun before? Have you at least seen one? They can be pretty large right? They’re not gigantic but they ...
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Pepper Spray Ownership Comes with Responsibilities and Often Times of Fear

Personal security is something all women should be familiar with. Pepper spray protection can save your life and is a very good idea to keep ...
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The Difference between Mace and Pepper Spray

Mace and pepper spray are both excellent personal protection safety sprays that offer portability combined with tremendous effectiveness. Both security sprays are loosely regulated and ...
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Stun Guns and Pepper sprays: Merits and Demerits

Personal safety has become such a fundamental part of our day-to-day lives. It is an unsafe world out there. Violence and crime are on an ...
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Carjacking – Prevention Tips

Carjacking is a horrible crime that involves the theft of a car while the vehicle is still occupied. Every year, there are thousands of drivers ...
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3 Major Reasons to learn self defense

Some individuals may think that learning mixed martial arts is one way of going to learn self-defense. In fact, this is can be true but ...
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Campus Safety For Your Teens

High school to University is a major change for young adults. No longer are they part of a very structured environment, from the strict rules ...
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