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Pepper Spray Ownership Comes with Responsibilities and Often Times of Fear

Personal security is something all women should be familiar with. Pepper spray protection can save your life and is a very good idea to keep it on you at all times. However, there are many things you should know about pepper spray and you might even consider taking a training class or get information on how to prepare yourself to use it. This might sound silly but after the first time you spray it incorrectly, it won’t sound so silly after all. Pepper spray protection canisters, a.k.a OC, come from chili peppers. This type of spray is not the same thing as mace chemical. It is important that you understand the affects. Pepper spray is an inflammatory and it works instantaneously upon making contact with mucus tissues like the eyes, nose and mouth. Mace can take up to 5 seconds before it can go into effect on an attacker. When pepper spray is sprayed on an attacker it will cause blood pressure to increase and the heart to beat faster. It will cause the attacker to begin coughing and choking and possible even vomit. If it’s sprayed into the eye area, it can even cause temporary blindness. All membranes will swell to the point that the attacker can only breathe. They will be entirely disabled. Personal security is very important but get familiar with how to operate the product properly first. Because of the severity of this type of defense mechanism it would be wise to seek training so you know how to use it properly. Proper use starts the moment you grab for the spray and intend to use it. The canister needs to be facing in the right direction so you don’t spray yourself and there might even be a safety latch you need to undo first. When you consider pepper spray protection it is important to be able to react quickly. For example, if it remains at the bottom of your purse, you could never have the opportunity to use it on the assailant in time. Also, many people are afraid to use their pepper spray. These two elements are the primary reason why some form of pepper spray training is very important. An attacker can be stopped dead in their tracks instantly when you use a canister of pepper spray on them properly. Just spraying for one quick second can stop an attacker for over 30 to 45 minutes. You also don’t have to worry about causing permanent damage to a person when you spray them. It is safe to use and designed to temporarily disable an attacker for personal security if you feel threatened. However, there are possible disadvantages to pepper spray protection you must be aware of. Pepper spray may not work in all cases. It is common for people who are on heavy drugs such as psychotics or under some type of influence to not be as affected by pepper spray. They might show the physical signs of the pepper spray swelling up their skin and other symptoms of the spray working, but they will not be sufficiently affected. This means an attacker under an influence will feel no pain and they will not be totally disabled. That is why when you seek pepper spray training you also might consider learning a few basic self defense moves as well. The last thing you would want is for an attacker who does not feel the pain of pepper spray to get a hold of the OC canister and use it on you. There are also laws and regulations regarding pepper spray protection also. You will need to check on your state’s and city’s laws regarding pepper spray use. Even though you have pepper spray on you for personal security, improper use could result in serious consequences such as fines and possible jail time. The entire purpose of pepper spray is designed for protection and self-defense and is a crime to use it for any other reason other than that. Children could be injured if they got a hold of your pepper spray canister too. If you cannot prove to a police officer you were defending yourself when you used it you could risk getting arrested. In conclusion, getting proper training could give you a better understanding of the effects a pepper spray causes, help you better prepared on using pepper spray and be aware of the disadvantages in certain scenarios. For more information about pepper sprays please visit:

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