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Home and Neighborhood Safety

Everyone wants the best for their safety especially when it comes to their own home. A home is place where you should always feel safe and there are steps you should take to help ensure this. Here are some tips you can take to help prepare for your safety. • Buddy System Become friends with your neighbors, also get familiar with the neighborhood watch. Perhaps your neighborhood has a local bulletin board people refer to. However, thanks to today’s technology, neighborhood apps are becoming more and more resourceful to get warnings and advice out around fast. If you need to walk, try to walk with friends instead of alone. Remember, safety in numbers. • Be Alert of Surroundings Pay attention and keep a clear head, don’t be distracted when walking such as constantly being on your cellphone. The later it gets in the day, instead of taking that scenic route, take the quickest and safest way home. If you think you’re being followed, switch directions or cross a street and try to enter in a populated public area such as a restaurant. Don’t be afraid to call for help if need be. Be alert in your neighborhood too and call the police if you see suspicious activity. • Lighting and Visibility If you’re going to be late or away from your home for an extended amount of time, having a light on in your home that can be easily viewed from a window gives the impression you’re presently at home. You can set this up via a timer, motion sensor or by using smart devices nowadays. Another good idea is to keep each entrance and exit of your home and property, such as a garage, well lit. Make sure your neighborhood roads are well lit and report any streetlights that may be out. Criminals like to strike in low lit areas. Keep your yard kept up too. A tidy and well lit yard makes it harder for a burglar to hide away for an unpleasant surprise. • Property Make sure to always keep the door locked in your home, car or any other pieces of property such as a garage or shed. When going to unlock the door, have your keys already in your hand. That way to save time and make a quick entrance. Any time left lingering searching for keys, gives criminals the opportunity to strike. Keep valuables out of view from windows and blinds drawn. A home security checklist can come in handy too. Carry items like a purse or backpack close to your person. If you’re just carrying keys or a wallet, don’t put in your back pocket where it’s out of view and easy for pick pockets to take advantage of. Instead keep it in your front pockets or inside your coat. • Security System There are many forms of security systems nowadays. As mentioned before, motion-sensor lights are a good way to give the notion that you’re present on the property whether you really are or not. Some lights even have cameras you can tap into via wi-fi. Similar to this, there are doorbell cameras with speakers too. There are several camera systems you can have installed outside as well as inside your home. Not all systems have to have some extensive set up since there are some all-in-one cameras you can rely one that are pretty much plug and play. Think suspicious activity is happening inside your home while away? You can even set up a hidden camera to record the misdoings. There are dozens of companies you can refer to as well that will set up an alarm system for your home that may even alert police when away. Don’t want to take that option but still want an alarm to sound off? There are individual alarms you can set up at each entrance that activate when they sense vibrations or via when certain magnets get separated.

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